Wrong baby receives operation

A newborn baby is something that parents have been anticipating for months. Usually the birth goes as expected, the baby and parents stay in the hospital for a few days, and then go home together. But, occasionally a medical trauma like a surgical error occurs.

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Having their baby suffer through a surgery they never should have had. This has become reality for a couple in another state. They thought their newborn was going for a routine checkup but when he was returned the nurse told the parents the procedure that was done on him. It was at that time that the parents realized that a surgical procedure they did not authorize was performed on their baby. The baby’s tongue had been clipped, a surgical procedure known as a frenulectomy, which is used to correct tongue-tie. It appears that the doctor had asked for the wrong infant. It is unknown if the baby will suffer long-term consequences at this time. The side effects of this surgery can include speech and feeding problems.

When a newborn suffers from an unexpected medical procedure parents can be extremely upset and wonder how this happened. It may be necessary for families to take legal action following a surgical error. Through a medical malpractice lawsuit families can hold the negligent medical professional accountable for surgical errors. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, pain and suffering, future medical expenses and other damages.

Parents look forward to the birth of their newborn babies for months. When something goes wrong with their baby and that mistake is caused by a negligent medical provider, parents have legal rights. It is important to hold that medical provider responsible for their actions so that they don’t harm anyone else.

Source: cnn.com, “Parents: Hospital performed surgery on the wrong baby,” Amanda Jackson, Feb. 10, 2016