Woman gets permanent brain injury as result of negligent doctor

Many Pittsburgh residents will be under the care of a physician this year. Doctors are among the most trusted members of our society and provide a necessary service. They help thousands of people each year with minor illnesses, serious injuries and everything in between. But occasionally a physician can be found to be negligent as is the case with a physician who failed to monitor his patient.

A woman in Ohio received a multi-million dollar settlement recently when a jury found the physician who treated her in the hospital was negligent in his care towards her. The woman suffered permanent brain damage when the physician failed to monitor her blood sugar levels while she was in the hospital. Her blood sugar levels dropped to dangerous lows, causing permanent brain injury. Now she requires around-the-clock care and can no longer live independently or work. The jury found the physician negligent in his care and awarded the guardian of the victim over $8 million.

A brain injury can easily be a life-altering injury for many. The loss that a person experiences from a brain injury is indescribable. The cost of these catastrophic injuries can often be ruinous for families. If the brain injury was the result of a negligent physician, a legal professional skilled in medical malpractice can help a family recovery compensation for the injuries sustained. The compensation can be for medical expenses, future medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.

Brain Injuries can be a result of many different circumstances. The failure to monitor a patient can be one case in which a physician can be negligent in their care. Holding a physician responsible for their negligence is important in making sure they don’t harm anyone else.

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