Woman awarded millions after suffering stroke


The birth of a child is something that many families look forward to with joy. Families anticipate the arrival by decorating nurseries, attending showers and preparing for how their family will be with the new arrival. Most births go as expected but sometimes issues can arise that cause serious medical errors for mothers.

A woman and her family in Boston recently won a $35 million dollar case against her doctor claiming that he failed to enter her in a special database for people with brain abnormalities. In 2004 the woman ran the Boston Marathon. After the marathon the woman went to her doctor complaining of dizziness. She was found to have brain abnormalities that required her name to be placed in a special medical database. Four years after her diagnosis the woman became pregnant. After giving birth the woman suffered from a severe stroke which has left her paralyzed and in need of around the clock care. The woman’s obstetrician was unaware of her condition because her name was not in the database. If her name would have been in the brain abnormality database her obstetrician said a C-Section would have been performed to minimize the risk of any injuries.

When a person suffers from an unexpected injury the results can be devastating for the patient and their family. Serious injuries can cause families to have years of unexpected medical costs and the loss of a valuable member. Patients have the right to medical professionals who don’t make a serious medical mistake.

When a mistake occurs a patient or the person’s family may want to speak with a legal professional skilled in medical malpractice. When a medical emergency occurs because of a doctor error families can be angry and confused. Families affected by such tragedies should know that they have legal rights.

Source: Boston Globe, “7 years after stroke, paralyzed woman awarded $35m,” Travis Andersen, May 8, 2015