Who could be responsible for injury due to metal hip replacement?

When Allegheny residents think about medical malpractice injuries, the first thought that often comes to mind is surgical errors. While this is absolutely accurate, there are lot of ways that a medical treatment or diagnosis could adversely affect a person’s health. Hip replacement surgery has been a popular option for the suffering from severe joint pain or lack of mobility due to hip issues. However, it has been found that certain hip replacements are now known to be defective or otherwise harmful to those that have received them.

Many metal hip replacements that were quite popular in the past, have been recalled from the market or are being replaced with other materials or treatments. This is because metal hip replacements (both ball and socket) can cause friction that causes metal to be released into the body, a condition known as metallosis. Manufacturers of the hip replacement could be liable for injury, as could the doctor who implemented it, as could the hospital that hosted the surgery. In short, multiple parties could be responsible for hip replacement injury and medical malpractice.

A medical professional has liability only for what he can control, including the diagnosis, explaining of the risks associated with treatment and the actual surgical implementation itself. What that means is, often manufacturers are liable for the complications a patient suffers due to a medical device’s malfunction. However, every situation is different for every patient who suffers an injury or illness. There are class action lawsuits against certain manufacturers of medical devices due to their now-known effects on the user.

Not all medical malpractice injuries are due to surgical injuries. In reality, a misstep could be made at any point during diagnosis, treatment and Rehabilitation for a person’s injury or illness. Not a pleasant thought, but it is important to understand that anything is possible. For Allegheny residents, this information could open doors that lead to an understanding of how they or a loved one were injured during medical treatment.

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