Who can be sued in a Pennsylvania medical malpractice case?

Pittsburgh residents generally receive excellent medical care. But, when negligence occurs, like the failure to diagnose a medical condition, and a patient is injured, what can be done? A medical malpractice lawsuit can help the family recoup some compensation for their ordeal.

In a medical malpractice lawsuit, who are the parties that can be sued? One party that can be sued is the hospital. The hospital can be held liable for the negligence of their employees. If an employee has not received adequate training, or if the hospital does not ensure that the hospital employee’s education training and licensure is up-to-date and accurate, they can be held liable. They can also be held liable if they do not provide adequate staffing. A hospital can be held vicariously liable for an employee, if the person who caused the negligent act is an employee of the hospital. In addition to the hospital the doctors, anesthesiologists, pharmaceutical company and nurses can all be held liable.

When a patient is harmed because of another person’s negligence, it can be a frightening situation. No one expects to be harmed because of a medical procedure. Victims have legal rights in this situation. A legal professional skilled in medical malpractice can help the victim and his family with their medical malpractice case. They can research medical records and determine what happened to cause the injury. They can hold the negligent party responsible for their actions and the victim’s worsened condition. Compensation may be available for unexpected medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages.

Medical malpractice happens every day across the U.S. Victims of medical malpractice have the legal right to hold the negligent party responsible for their actions.

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