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What is a traumatic brain injury and what are the symptoms?

A traumatic brain injury can impact a victim for the rest of their life. This is a difficult situation to handle because there is likely nothing that could have prepared them for this. Many people don’t realize exactly what constitutes a TBI, so finding out some important points is imperative for anyone who is interested in learning.

Around 153 people die daily from this type of injury. People who don’t die from it can have impacts that span days to years, depending on the location, severity and type of injury. Because of the nature of these injuries, it is imperative that anyone who is in an accident receive medical care if they begin to show signs of a TBI.

How does a TBI happen?

There are many ways that a TBI can happen. If a person’s head is hit or flung around in a violent manner, it can lead to a TBI. These injuries can be the result of an automobile crash or fall. Sports and recreational activities might also lead to a brain injury.

It is impossible to predict when an accident will occur that can produce a TBI. Instead, you can only watch for signs of this injury if you are involved in anything that jerks your head or leads to a hit on the head.

What are the symptoms of a TBI?

The most common symptoms of a TBI include headaches and loss of consciousness. Some people will experience dizziness, ringing in their ears, bleeding from the ears, changes in sleep patterns and irritability. Depression and personality changes may also occur. Sometimes, victims have to deal with changes in their thinking abilities, concentration or memory.

What can be done about TBIs?

The treatments a victim will receive depend on the specific injury. More serious injuries might require surgery, but others that are minor might need only brain rest and pain relievers. The medical team who cares for the patient will determine what is necessary.

The financial impact of this type of injury can be hard to cope with. Not only do you have to deal with the medical bills, you could also lose your income. If the injury was the result of another person’s actions, the victim might choose to seek compensation for the damages.