What does one need to know after a truck accident?

Driving near a large commercial truck is commonplace for most motorists in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. These massive vehicles help with the transportation of various goods, assisting with intrastate and interstate commerce. And, with the increase in the purchase of goods and commodities, and the demand to have them delivered sooner, it is likely that drivers will share the road with numerous semi-trucks and tractor-trailer trucks.

Although trucks have a defined purpose, and provide countless benefits, these large vehicles also generate many risks. If a truck driver loses control of their vehicle or a truck collides with another vehicle, a serious accident is likely to ensue. Victims of a truck crash are shocked and confused, wondering what steps to take next.

What does one need to know if they are in a truck accident? Motorists involved in a commercial truck accident should understand how federal trucking regulations play a role in the incident. Specifically, whether the truck driver was properly licensed to operate the vehicle, if the truck driver was operating within their hours of service, the weight of the truck was not above the maximum allowed for its size and all quality control checks are regulated and current.

Liability in a truck accident does not always fall on the truck driver alone. Victims must prove that the negligence of a truck driver caused the accident or, through vicarious liability, that his or her employer is liable for the truck crash. In order to prove these, further investigation is necessary, which could help show whether a truck driver broke the law or if a trucking company was negligent.

When an individual is involved in a truck accident, it is likely that he or she will suffer serious and catastrophic injuries. These injuries can generate much pain and suffering, altering the life of the victim. In order to cover the costs of the necessary medical care and offset any lost wages and other related losses and damages, victims could seek compensation through a personal injury claim.

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