What are the long-term effects after a brain injury?

Unfortunately, some Pennsylvania residents suffer major injuries after a serious accident. One organ an accident victim needs to pay special attention to is the brain. A brain injury could severely impact the life of a victim, causing temporary or even permanent impairments and disabilities. Such a condition can make it challenging for an accident victim to return to his or her normal life.

What are the long-term effects after a brain injury? Immediately following a head trauma, it may be apparent that a victim is suffering from physical and cognitive issues. In the beginning, this might only manifest as physical pain and memory issues; however, as time goes on and the injury progresses, a brain injury victim could develop long-term cognitive, emotional and behavioral problems.

Based on recent studies, when compared to healthy individuals, those with a traumatic brain injury were more likely to develop attention, emotional regulation and other psychological difficulties. Those who suffered a brain injury at a young age were more likely to develop aggressive and defiant behaviors.

Researchers also found a between long-term symptoms and extensive damage to the white matter of the brain. Following a traumatic axonal injury to the white matter, victims were more likely to internalize problems and have greater executive dysfunctions. The major takeaway from this study was that age, education, traumatic axonal injury and depression impact the risk of long-term effects following a brain injury.

Because it is estimated that 5.3 million Americans are living with disabilities caused by a traumatic brain injury, it is important to not only understand the long-term risks associated with such an injury but to know the steps to take following an accident that caused a brain injury. If another party was at fault in the accident, that party could be held accountable for any medical bills and damages arising from the injury.

Source: Psychcentral.com, “Exploring Long-Term Effects of Traumatic brain injury,” Jane Collingwood, Jan. 5, 2016