What are the common signs of a traumatic brain injury?

When an accident occurs, victims are often concerned with their safety and wellbeing. In fact, accident victims in Pennsylvania and elsewhere will look their body over, ensuring no major or even minor injuries were suffered. While this step helps them address major health concerns and injuries, this unfortunately does not help a victim address those injuries that do not have immediate signs and symptoms. One of those types of injuries is a head injury.

What are the commons signs of a traumatic brain injury? A traumatic brain injury, or a TBI, does not always reveal itself immediately following a blow to the head. Therefore, it is important that individuals are mindful of the major signs and symptoms of a TBI following an accident. This post will discuss some of these signs.

One sign to look out for is mood swings. A head injury could cause a victim to suffer a wide range of emotional problems. Another sign is unexplained headaches. Headaches are often triggered by something and can be relieved when certain steps are taken; however, following a TBI, victims will frequently suffer lingering headaches that do not seem to go away. These also tend to be localized to the area where the injury was suffered.

A third sign is a lack of concentration. Being forgetful or confused could be a very concerning symptom of a TBI. Nausea is a fourth symptom, which could also include vomiting. The remaining signs include seizures, communication problems, clumsiness and vision problems.

When an accident victim notices these or other similar signs and symptoms of a head injury, it is important to receive timely medical attention. This could help treat and address any medical concerns related to the brain injury. Moreover, this could help the accident victim begin documenting the damages suffered from the incident. This is important if a victim was injured in an accident caused by a negligent party. This information could help the injured party collect compensation through a civil action.

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