What are some common surgical errors to be aware of?

Many people in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, worry that they are going to suffer from various mistakes when they go into surgery. While most surgeries are performed without issue, it is still a good idea to be aware of some of the more common surgical errors that may come about. This way, you can know what legal steps to take if something like this ever happens to you.

On the top of the list is the issue of having the surgery done on the wrong part of the body. For instance, when going in to have a torn ligament in your right knee repaired, a mistake on the doctor’s orders could lead him to operate on the left knee instead.

Another mistake relates to devices or supplies that are forgotten during the surgery and then retained by the patient when the surgery is completed. For example, sponges are often used during certain procedures. If a nurse or doctor forgets about the sponge when the work is complete, they could close up the incision with the sponge still inside of you.

Furthermore, another issue is that the doctors may not monitor you correctly during the procedure. You may be given anesthesia during the surgery, and the staff then has the responsibility of monitoring your levels to make sure that you have enough. They need to keep a close eye on all vital signs, like your heart rate and your oxygen levels.

Finally, errors could even be made during the care that you are given after you get out of surgery, leading to complications. These errors differ widely from case to case, depending on what was done and what care is needed.

Source: Caring Lawyers, “Surgical Accidents” Sep. 09, 2014