We competently handle medication error cases

As discussed last week on the blog, anesthesia errors are far too common in the medical field. Yet, these mishaps are by no means the only type of medication error that occurs. In fact, nearly every medication can cause serious injury if taken improperly. Therefore, many Pennsylvanians trust their doctors to properly prescribe the right drugs in the right amounts. Likewise, people also probably expect their pharmacist to correctly fill the prescription. Unfortunately, though, this is not always the case.

The sad reality is that medication errors are quite common, yet completely preventable. An error might occur when a doctor makes a dosage mistake, a pharmacist suffers a failure to read a doctor’s handwriting properly or a medical professional is not checking for allergies. These mistakes, which may be caused by overworked, fatigued and sheer negligent medical professionals could leave people with a worsened medical condition or even a permanent disability. This is wholly unacceptable. When this happens, people might want to consider their legal options to recover their losses and hold negligent and reckless medical professionals accountable.

The good news is that competent attorneys stand ready to help people with their claim. The legal team at Rosen, Louik & Perry PC is dedicated to its clients and fights for what those victims deserve. With years of experience, our attorneys know how to navigate the legal system, satisfactorily show negligence and adequately illustrate people’s real losses. Hopefully, then, whether at the negotiating table or in court, our clients can reach an outcome that is fair and favorable under the circumstances.

Entering the legal arena can be frightening and overwhelming. But by having an ally on their side, people might be able to find their voice and speak up for themselves and others who have been inexcusably harmed by errant medical professionals.