We can help if you are suffering from a surgical error

Thousands of surgeries are performed each year in Pittsburgh. Most of them go as planned and help the patient with their ailments. But, according to recent studies up to 20 percent of patients experience painful side effects and injuries as the result of surgery. Despite having great surgical facilities in Pittsburgh, surgical errors still occur.

We recently discussed a case where a sponge was left inside a man during surgery. Because of this surgical equipment left inside a patient the man suffered a severe infection and kidney failure. Besides careless surgeons leaving surgical equipment inside a patient, surgical errors can include operating on a wrong body part, improper post-operative care, failure to monitor a patient during surgery and other conditions. Serious injuries can occur from this negligence including pulmonary embolisms, serious infections, brain injuries, birth injuries and injuries to multiple organs.

If you or a loved one has suffered because of a suspected surgical error our firm may be able to help. Every year our firm reviews hundreds of cases involving surgical errors. We can help victims by obtaining all the medical records, x-Rays, photographs, operating room notes and notes taken after surgery. We have two full-time physicians on staff who will review all of the medical data. By reviewing all of this data we can determine whether a surgical error has occurred. We can hold medical professionals accountable for their negligence and collect the compensation injured people deserve.

Our Pittsburgh firm is focused on helping victims recover compensation for their injuries. We can ease our client’s financial burdens and help them rebuild their lives. Surgical errors can be life-altering and it is important for victim’s to receive the justice they deserve. For more information on how we can help those injured by negligent surgeons, please see our surgery accidents page.