Two killed, one injured in fiery multi-vehicle truck accident

Pennsylvania residents are gearing up for summer and all the activities that come with the season. Whether they are taking a road trip, heading to a ball game or going to the beach, travelers on Pennsylvania’s interstates are sure to encounter another ubiquitous feature of summertime: orange construction barrels. Unfortunately, construction slow-downs on the road have the propensity to lead to serious car accidents.

For example, recently, a fiery multi-vehicle car wreck on Interstate 81 in Butler Township, Pennsylvania, lead to the deaths of two individuals: a 52-year-old man and his 79-year-old father. According to Pennsylvania police, a semi-truck was heading northbound when it rear-ended an automobile that had decreased its speed as it approached a construction zone. The force of the crash caused the automobile to slam into a pickup truck, which was then forced into the rear of a second semi-truck.

The crash caused a number of the vehicles involved in the crash to catch fire. The flames were so intense that tanker trucks had to be deployed from nearby cities to provide firefighters with enough water to put the fire out. The deceased men were occupants of the automobile. They died at the site of the crash. The driver of the pickup truck was seriously injured and was sent via helicopter to an area medical center.

Accidents, such as this one, demonstrate how important it is for drivers to pay attention to traffic patterns in and around construction zones. Unfortunately, this is not the first deadly accident to take place in a construction zone in Pennsylvania, and it will not be the last. Motorists injured in truck accidents caused by other drivers in construction zones may want to seek the advice of an attorney, so that the appropriate legal actions can be taken.

Source: The Times Tribune, “2 Lackawanna County men killed in fiery crash in Interstate 81 near Frackville,” Frank Andruscavage, May 25, 2017