Two injured in Pennsylvania motorcycle accident

Pennsylvanians may have noticed more motorcycles on the road now that summer is here. It is a popular hobby, and many motorcyclists take advantage of the warmer weather to ride their bikes, whether it is on a scenic drive or merely going to and from work. However, an increase in motorcycles on the road may mean that motorists must be extra-vigilant not to cause a motorcycle accident.

Two individuals from Pennsylvania were hospitalized recently after being involved in a motorcycle accident. A Ford Taurus heading westward drove into an intersection, striking the motorcycle the victims were riding, which was going due north. The force of the crash tossed the victims off the bike and into the street.

The victims, both age 71, sustained injuries that police have described as “severe.” The 81-year-old driver of the Taurus and her 90-year-old passenger were not harmed in the accident. The driver of the Taurus was issued a citation for causing the crash.

Unfortunately, motorcycle unawareness is a real issue in Pennsylvania and nationwide. What some motorists fail to realize is that motorcyclists have every right to share the road as automobiles do. This means that motorists must exercise due care when driving and this means keeping an eye out for motorcycles. Any negligent act, whether it is running a red light, failing to yield to oncoming traffic or even making an illegal turn or lane change can cause an accident. And, due to their smaller size and lack of structural protection, accidents involving motorcycles can cause catastrophic injuries or even fatalities. Those who have questions about the duty of care they owe while driving may want to seek legal advice.

Source:, “Motorcyclists suffer severe injuries in Fulton County, Pa., crash,” June 23, 2017