Two dead in six-vehicle truck crash in Pennsylvania

Every day, countless commercial trucks travel on major roadways throughout Pennsylvania and other states across the nation. While these vehicles play a vital role, shipping and delivering goods to and from places, semi-trucks can also cause dangers on the roads as well. Although federal trucking regulations seek to reduce the dangers and accidents caused by commercial trucks, no regulation can prevent negligent truck drivers from getting behind the wheel.

Authorities in State College are still investigating a fatal truck crash that recently occurred on Interstate 80. Based on reports by Pennsylvania police, the accident involved six vehicles, four of them tractor-trailer trucks. The multi-vehicle collision caused two deaths, both of them tractor-trailer truck drivers.

Preliminary reports state that the accident occurred shortly after midnight when a tractor-trailer slid in front of another tractor-trailer in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 80. The sliding truck slid off of the right side of the berm, causing it to partially block traffic. The second tractor-trailer was able to stop safely, but the tractor-trailer behind that one was not.

This resulted in the tractor-trailer colliding with the stopped truck, followed by another tractor-trailer and two passenger vehicles colliding in this chain reaction crash. Emergency crews responded to the six-vehicle crash, reporting that the driver of the third and fourth tractor-trailer did not survive the crash.

In multi-vehicle accidents, it can often be difficult to discern the exact cause of the crash. Therefore, it is important to complete a thorough investigation, assessing what parties could be at fault. In matters where one or more drivers were at fault, it is possible for victims to hold all liable parties accountable. Furthermore, A wrongful death suit could help surviving family member collect compensation for any losses and damages involving a deceased victim.

Source:, “Chain-reaction crash leaves 2 truckers dead in central Pa.,” Jan. 12, 2017