Trial underway, accusations of negligence against PA nursing home

Making the decision to put a loved one in a nursing home is a tough one. A loved one’s failing health is often the reason behind seeking the care that a nursing home or assisted living facility can offer. Scary accusations of negligence and even wrongful death in these facilities make people even more wary of them.

The truth is that most experiences in nursing homes are positive ones. However, one Pennsylvania nursing home resident did not have this experience and was fatally injured, allege his estate. The man was soft spoken, a veteran and a nature lover and his family and estate are seeking justice for what they believe to be a wrongful death on behalf of a PA nursing home.

According to the complaint, the man was waiting in his wheelchair near the entryway to the dining room of the nursing home. A supervising nurse asked another nurse to push him into the room. The second nurse allegedly pushed the man’s wheelchair rapidly and recklessly down the hall toward the dining room without giving the man warning or attaching footrests – a violation of safety standards. This motion flung him from his wheelchair where he hit his head on the floor and broke his neck. After this incident, the man was not immobilized, but instead, was placed back in his wheelchair by staff and then moved into his bed.

The man suffered cervical spine fractures and an odontoid fracture with displacement, as well as neurological damage. He was transferred to the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, where he died the following day. For this, the family has brought the complaint of negligence and wrongful death to trial against the nursing home facility and staff. They are seeking punitive damages for such an act and they hope to never see this happen to any other family.

Source:, “Trial underway for nursing home sued in wrongful-death complaint,” Steve Marroni, December 6, 2017