Ten percent increase in fatal motorcycle crashes since 2014

As any motorist in Pennsylvania can see, motorcycles are small vehicles that other vehicles will share the road with throughout the year, primarily during the warm months. While any vehicle is susceptible to the dangers and risks existing on the various roads across the nation, motorcycles are small vehicles that are especially susceptible to fatal and serious collisions. Their small size often makes it difficult to spot them or judge the speed of them. Thus, other drivers fail to yield to them, causing a serious or fatal motorcycle crash.

Based on recent statistics, the number of motorcycle deaths in the United States last year surpassed 5,000. Moreover, this number indicated a 10 percent increase from 2014. Based on the preliminary findings used for these statistics, 5,010 fatal motorcycle accidents occurred in 2015, which is 450 more than last year. This is the third time in U.S. history and the first time since 2008 that the number motorcycle deaths exceeded 5,000.

Researchers focused on various factors that contributed to these numbers; however, the greatest risk for fatal motorcycle crashes are compound factors. This means that several factors are involved in the incident. For example, alcohol and drug use, speeding, the repeal of state helmet laws and the number of vehicles on U.S. roadways.

While motorcyclists can reduce the chances of being killed in a crash by wearing a helmet, not all states require helmets to be worn. Moreover, helmets do not always prevent all head and neck injuries in the event of an accident; therefore, helmet usage does not mean that a rider will not suffer serious or even fatal injuries in the event of a crash.

The increased rate in fatal motorcycle crashes across the nation suggests that there are various contributing factors. Therefore, following a motorcycle crash, it is important to understand the cause of the crash. If a negligent party is responsible for a motorcycle collision, that party could be responsible for the injuries, losses and damages arising from the crash. A personal injury claim or wrongful death suit could help those harmed by the crash recover compensation.

Source: Health.usnews.com, “U.S. Motorcycle Deaths Up 10 Percent in Last Year,” Robert Preidt, May 19, 2016