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Tag: Wrongful Death

New technique could buy more time for reviving the recently dead

There may be no better place than Pittsburgh to have a brush with death — at least according to David Casarett, an author and associate professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. In a recent interview with Wired, the scholar discussed his new book on the topic of resuscitating the recently deceased and the ethical issues that this can involve.

Delay in care may have caused wrongful death at VA facilities

The Department of Veterans Affairs operates the nation’s largest integrated health care system, serving roughly 9 million veterans from around the country, including many from Pennsylvania. But the system seems to be struggling under its own weight. A former employee of the organization recently came forward to expose massive problems caused by delays in care at one of its hospitals. The retired doctor alleged that delays in treatment may have caused the wrongful death of up to 40 veterans. He also accused the hospital administration of deliberately hiding the problem, alleging that, in order to disguise delays, hospital employees were ordered to keep a secret list of patients on a waiting list for appointments.

Wrongful death claim filed regarding Jenni Rivera

Pittsburgh fans of well-known musician Jenni Rivera may have heard that her husband recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit regarding her sudden death in December 2012. Rivera died along with six others in a plane crash. Her husband, former pro baseball player Esteban Loaiza, has now sued the owners of the plane, and that company’s parent company.

PA Superior Court: Wrongful death case not too old to go to trial

The legal process in medical malpractice cases is often long-fought and circuitous. An especially lengthy case will continue after a judge in Montgomery County dismissed a complaint filed by a woman whose mother died in March 2000. The complaint alleges that the negligence of two doctors led to the death of the plaintiff’s mother, who died three days after being placed in the hospital’s care.

Pennsylvania family sues over deceased Marine’s missing heart

Having a family member in the military die overseas is heartbreaking. When there are events around that death that bring up questions for the family, the heartbreak can be even worse. One Pennsylvania family lost a son to an apparent suicide while he was stationed overseas in Greece. While the government is immune from wrongful …

Wrongful death: Doctor pronounced woman dead over the phone

We’ve all seen it on television programs: A doctor works to save the victim of a terrible accident, struggling to save the person’s life. After a few seconds, however, the doctor concedes defeat and solemnly declares the victim dead. This is actually truth in television: Doctors do pronounce victims dead when the situation arises. What …

Wrongful Death: The Lawyers Can Help

Accidents happen every minute of every day due to reckless drivers, unsafe gun care, medical malpractice, and many other acts of irresponsibility. When a loved one has been lost in a tragedy, the effects can have a devastating impact on the family members surviving the departed. In addition to grief, families can be forced to deal with economic problems, insurance companies and numerous problems and obstacles that were not foreseen. Unfortunately, the law of Pennsylvania relating to a death caused by the carelessness of another is equally confusing. As a result, many families turn to legal counsel for advice and assistance. At Rosen Louik & Perry, a Pittsburgh Law Firm, we have been helping families understand the legal and financial options available, and obtain compensation from those accountable.