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Failure to read doctor handwriting properly can result in injury

We have all heard the joke that poor handwriting could be an indication that a person could or should be a doctor. Poor handwriting has often been associated with doctors both recently and doctors of the past. When doctors would write a prescription, or medical notes, they often would, and some still do, write physically rather than enter it digitally into a computer. However, computers may be a better option for some doctors as a miscommunication related to their handwriting can result in medical malpractice.

Radiation dosage error injures patients

Most Pittsburgh residents will undergo cancer treatment that includes radiation or will have family member go through the process. Cancer is a scary diagnosis and treatment is often specialized for each patient and their unique situation. Radiation is often used as part of the treatment plan but medication errors can cause serious issues for cancer patients.

Michael Jackson’s doctor loses appeal in medication error case

The embattled physician at the heart of the controversy concerning pop star Michael Jackson’s death has lost his latest appeal to have a new trial concerning whether he was negligent in his administration of an anesthetic to help Jackson sleep. Although legal analysts agree that his fate isn’t sealed, his chances of reversing the fate of his role in the pop singer’s medication error death seem unlikely.

Family awarded $958K after hospital staff over-medicated patient

In hospitals and other medical facilities, communication is extremely important. Doctors and nurses must check and double check that they have the right information for the right patient at all times. While many hospitals have a system in place to ensure adequate communication between health care workers, sometimes they forget that they must communicate thoroughly with the patient and his or her family too.