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A breast biopsy is often misdiagnosed

Many women in the Pittsburgh area will undergo a breast biopsy at some point. In the U.S. over 1.5 million women have them each year. A breast biopsy is performed after a woman finds a lump on her breast or if there is an abnormality found in a mammogram. When one of these things happen, a doctor removes a small amount of tissue, which is then tested.

Can women in Pittsburgh rely on thermography?

As many Pittsburgh residents know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Most women over the age of 40 know that it’s important to get a mammogram. But, recently a new type of screening has emerged that has doctors worried, thermography. Is thermography a substitute for a mammogram or does it lead to a failure to diagnose cancer?

True Effectiveness of Prostate Screening

Months after a government task force rocked the medical community by changing guidelines for mammogram screening, the American Cancer Society (“ACS”) sent a similar shockwave to men. The ACS is urging doctors to make clearer to men that the test used to screen for prostate cancer (a blood test known to most as the “PSA” test) has limits and may lead to unnecessary treatments that do more harm than good.