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Tag: Accidents Caused By Drunk Drivers

Holding drunk drivers in Pennsylvania accountable

Pennsylvania may have strict laws against drunk driving, but unfortunately there are always those who will disregard not only the law, but the safety of others, and drive drunk. This also means that no matter how safe you drive, you could still be involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver. The aftermath of such accidents can be devastating.

Commercial drivers held to higher drunk driving standard

Many people in Pennsylvania already know that the legal limit for driving under the influence of alcohol is a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent. However, drivers of commercial vehicles and school buses are held to an even higher standard because the lives of so many others are at stake, if these individuals are driving under the influence and cause an accident.

Even a BAC under 0.08 percent can lead to drunk driving accidents

Pennsylvania residents may be shocked to hear that according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), each day, nearly 30 people nationwide will lose their lives in an alcohol-related accident. This amounts to one drunk driving death every 53 minutes. While deaths due to drunk driving have been going down over the previous 30 years, people still have a one in three chance of being involved.

Legal helps after injury or death due to a drunk driver

Drivers in Allegheny might operate their vehicles safely, follow all the traffic laws and make certain that they are doing all the right things and still be involved in an auto accident. These accidents can cause injuries and fatalities. What makes any crash worse is if it happened due to the risky and careless behavior of another person. This is the case when a person is hit by a drunk driver. Because an accident with a drunk driver can cause such extensive damage and even lead to death, it is imperative that the person who was hit by a drunk driver and the family of a person who was killed understands their rights to seek compensation in a legal filing.

Can a DUI charge hold a drunk driver liable in an accident?

Although our Thanksgiving celebrations have ended, this only marks the beginning of the holiday season. No matter what winter holiday residents in Pennsylvania celebrate, there is always a concern surrounding drinking and driving. Even if you have a safe route home or avoid drinking and driving, this does not always mean others are taking such precautions. And when an intoxicated driver takes to the road, this could cause a drunk driving accident.

Taking action following a drunk driving accident

During the holidays, it is likely that people in Pennsylvania and elsewhere will attend family gatherings and get-togethers. While these celebrations are filled with delicious foods and treats, it is also likely that these gatherings will include the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Although this is not an uncommon practice, it does raise some concerns for those drinking and driving. With each drink, a driver can increase his or her chance of causing a serious or even fatal automobile collision.

Fatal DUI accident in Pittsburgh kills one

Just like the roads in Pittsburgh are filled with various types of vehicles, these vehicles are filled with many types of motorists. Some drivers might be young while others might be elderly, and several drivers might be in route to or from work, school or the store while others might be driving for work. No matter what time of day it is, drivers are on the road for numerous reasons, and while drivers seek to get to and from their destinations safely, this desire does not protect them from a negligent driver.

How common are alcohol related accidents in Pennsylvania?

A drunk driver could take a lot from an individual and an entire family. A victim of a drunk driving accident in Pennsylvania could suffer traumatic injuries, making it difficult to return to their normal life. In some cases, victims do not survive the collision, leaving their family members to not only suffer the loss of a loved one but also the damages and expenses related to the incident. Whether it results in serious injuries, severe damages or fatalities, a drunk driver could generate serious damage in a collision in Pennsylvania.

Helping you hold a drunk driver liable after an accident

Despite the statewide drunk driving campaigns in Pennsylvania as well as drunk driving laws, this does not prevent the occurrence of drunk driving in the state. And while much effort has been put forth to increase safety on the roadways and reduce negligent and reckless driving, drivers unfortunately still get behind the wheel of vehicles after they have had too much to drink. Such a situation not only puts the driver’s life in danger, but it also endangers the lives of other traveling on the road. When a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian is struck and injured by a drunk driver, this could tremendously impact the life of a victim.