Surgical errors can change a life forever

Many Pittsburgh residents have had to have a surgery. Surgeries are necessary to life-threatening conditions, orthopedic concerns and many other reasons. Most of the time these surgeries go as planned but occasionally a surgical error occurs that causes a major unexpected injury.

Surgical errors can happen to anyone. They can happen when a surgery is performed on the wrong part of the body. Or a surgeon can make an error and perforate the bowel unexpectedly. Sometimes surgical instruments, sponges, or other items are left inside patients and not found until the patient unexpectedly feels awful. There can also be an anesthesiology error where a failure to monitor causes severe brain damage.

A surgical error happens unexpectedly and affects thousands of families each year. These families don’t expect that their loved one comes out of surgery in a worsened condition than when they come in. Many times medical professionals don’t know what happened and can’t answer any questions. Our firm helps families who have been the victim of a surgical error get answers. We investigate the circumstances that caused the injury, digging deep into medical records and having our medical professionals probe the entire situation. We hold medical professionals accountable for their mistakes and help families recover compensation for medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.

Nothing can prepare a family for a surgical error or other medical malpractice situation. But our law firm has the experience necessary to hold negligent medical professionals accountable and the compassion to help victims recover the compensation they deserve.