Some frightening facts about the medical field

Pittsburgh residents who visit their medical provider believe they are getting the best care possible. But, there are some medical facts out there that most people don’t know about. These facts show that for many people, medical errors and medical malpractice can and do occur.

Everyone needs to know some disturbing facts about the medical community. First, over 400,000 people die each year because of a medical error. These hospital patients suffer from a preventable harm and medical errors are the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. Second, over 90 percent of physicians admit to making a medical decision to try and avoid a lawsuit rather than what is in the best interest of their patient. Third, patients who are in the ICU suffer almost two medical errors each day. The reason for these errors is mainly a lack of communication among clinicians.

Fourth, one third of hospital patients suffer a preventable harm during their visit. These include anything from a minor injury to even death. Finally, the majority of physicians did not feel comfortable reporting problems they observed. These could include other doctors taking dangerous shortcuts and poor clinical judgment.

As you can see, hospital visits can easily include a major medical error. When these errors occur, unsuspecting patients can suffer and can add unexpected medical expenses. Patients who have been affected by a doctor mistake may want to contact a legal professional skilled in medical malpractice to hold these medical providers responsible for their negligence. Compensation may be available for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.

Source:, “Six frightening facts you need to know about healthcare,” Robert J. Szczerba, Oct. 22, 2013