Sled Riding Safety

Autumn is upon us and soon the snow will begin falling. Snow brings with it the joy of playing in the snow and sled riding for kids across the country. But sled riding can be a dangerous endeavor for children; according to the most recent statistics, over 50,000 children per year are treated at hospitals due to sled, toboggan, and tube related injuries.

Ensure your children are following these sled riding safety tips this winter:

  • Select a hill that is not too steep and has a long flat area at the bottom so your kids are able to glide to a stop
  • Avoid hillsides that end near a street or parking lot
  • Avoid hillsides with ponds, trees, and fences
  • Avoid hillsides that have obstacles like jumps, bumps, rocks or poles
  • Avoid hills covered in ice. Ice causes a hard landing if kids fall off the sled and can cause injury
  • Never sled at night, always sled during the day when visibility is high
  • Make your kids wear helmets and appropriate winter clothing

If your child was injured in a winter recreational accident and you believe someone else is at fault, your child may be entitled to compensation. It is important that you speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can evaluate the case for you and file a claim on your child’s behalf. Contact the medical malpractice law firm of Rosen Louik & Perry in Pittsburgh, PA today for your FREE consultation.