Scranton family receives over $3M after fatal misdiagnosis

When a person has their health, they have everything, or so they say. While many are blessed with the gift of good health, nearly everyone will need medical care from time-to-time. If a person suspects that something with their health doesn’t feel right, they should see a medical professional right away. But, what happens when a person takes all the precautions when it comes to their health and yet something goes awry?

Medical professionals are not miracle workers, they are not expected to successfully treat or cure any illness or injury that befalls a person. However, medical professionals and institutions are expected to uphold a standard of care when treating patients. If a medical professional fails to meet the decisions that another physician would have made in the same situation, they can be found negligent for medical malpractice. A Scranton family went to trial after their loved one was believed to have been misdiagnosed by a Pennsylvania medical facility.

The family sought damages against the medical facility and two physicians when their loved one passed away due to this alleged misdiagnosis. The court agreed with the allegations that the defendants failed to properly diagnose the wife’s heart condition, ultimately resulting in her death. The tech failed to properly administer a test which would have proven that the woman was having a heart attack. She died soon after the test was administered.

Damages awarded to the family total $3.5M, with much of the damages to be deposited into trust funds for the woman’s teenage children. The loss of their mother was sudden and seemingly unnecessary; it could have been prevented according to the decision in the lawsuit. Misdiagnosis can happen when a medical professional or facility fails to administer the proper tests or can happen in several other scenarios. The family would much prefer to have their loved one alive today, but these remedies can help those who have suffered a loss to move forward.

Source:, “Scranton family receives $3.5 million in medical malpractice settlement,” David Singleton, August 5, 2017