Protecting your rights after your newborn suffers birth trauma

When it comes to healthcare, Americans are often under the impression that they are receiving top-notch care. While it is often the case the patients in Pennsylvania and other states across the nation obtain care from experienced and well-educated medical professionals, these individuals are still humans; therefore, they bring with them the chance of human errors. No one expects to be a victim of medical negligence, especially at the very beginning of his or her life. Because of that, parents are not only devastated when their newborn suffers a birth injury but also are the ones fighting for the rights and interests of their injured infant.

Whether a mother is preparing to have their first child or she is getting ready to further expand her family, the labor and delivery process can be an exciting and anxious time. A mother can never fully anticipate how long the process will take, how much discomfort she will experience and whether any complications will arise. Although medical professionals assisting with the delivery process are trained to respond to any and all complications and issues that might arise during labor and delivery, if a medical professional fails to meet the appropriate standards, this could result in a serious birth injury.

At Rosen Louik & Perry, our legal team understands how life changing a birth injury or birth trauma can be on parents. This is not only a shocking event but could also result in an infant struggling for his or her life. A birth injury could cause a newborn to suffer physical or mental disabilities, and these injuries could result in long-term disabilities.

While parents often prepare for all the possible outcomes during the delivery process, a parent is never fully prepared to deal with the aftermath of medical negligence. Our experienced attorneys have the resources and skills necessary to assist parents with a medical malpractice claim. We have helped parents successfully hold negligent medical professionals for the birth injuries they caused.

To learn more, check out our birth injuries website. The mismanagement of a pregnancy, labor, delivery or neonatal care could have devastating effects on a newborn and a mother; therefore, parents should understand the rights afforded to them.