Protecting your rights after being harmed by medication errors

Whether you require a medication for a temporary ailment or need various medications on a daily basis, patients should feel secure that they are receiving the proper medication as well as the appropriate dose. Unfortunately, mistakes can occur in the prescribing and administering of medication, causing serious and sometimes fatal injuries to patients in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

While the work life of doctors and nurses can be chaotic and stressful, this is not an excuse for failing to take the time to write the correct prescription, give the right dose or even administer a medication at the right time. Whether a medication professional is sending a patient home with a prescription or the patient is receiving medication while he or she is a patient at a medical facility, a patient still deserves a certain standard of care.

At Rosen, Louik & Perry, our legal team is dedicated to protecting the rights of patients that have been harmed by medical negligence. Major consequences could occur when a patient is given the wrong medication, too much medication, or if the patient fails to receive his or her medication at the correct time. In these matters, medical malpractice is often the cause.

Our experienced attorneys have the skills and resources to uncover the cause of a medication error, helping harmed patients hold any and all negligent medical professionals accountable. We will look at medical records, obtain witness accounts and use expert witnesses to help establish liability for a medication mistake.

To learn more, check out our medication error website page. Whether you were given the wrong medication, the wrong dose or were not administered your medication at the correct time, it is important to understand the options available to you. Medication errors could cause much harm to the health and well-being of a patient, and it is important to address the damages cause and protect your rights as a patient.