Program could help expectant mothers in Pennsylvania

While the thought of infant mortality is something that may be considered a third-world problem by some, it has become an increasing problem in the United States. A lack of standardized protocols in delivery rooms combined with a lack of prenatal care has created a situation where both the mother and the child could be in danger before, during or just after a pregnancy.

The Moms for Merck program is a $500 million program that has been established in an attempt to get expectant mothers the care that they need before delivering a baby as well as to push for standard rules inside a delivery room. During delivery, the anesthesiologist, the doctor delivering the baby and others in the room may not be on the same page during the delivery. Therefore, there can be problems when an issue such as excessive bleeding occurs after a baby has been born.

In an emergency room, there are usually kits available to help stop the bleeding and reduce the odds of a person bleeding out. In a maternity ward, there may not be the tools and resources necessary to ensure that a mother who is bleeding heavily after giving birth does not bleed out. The program will also aim to provide services for the mother after a child has been born such as dealing with postpartum depression.

For the most part, babies are delivered in American hospitals without much harm to either the mother or the baby. However, if a doctor or anyone else who is involved in the delivery makes a mistake causing a birth injury or is not prepared to help a patient during an emergency situation, it may warrant a malpractice claim against the person who made the mistake. To pursue the matter, it may be worthwhile to consult with a medical malpractice attorney.

Source: WWSB My suncoast, “New programs aim to save lives of American moms in childbirth“, July 04, 2014