Potential impact of favorable verdict in medical malpractice case

When it comes to most Pennsylvania residents and their families, there is high priority given to health and wellness. When a family is happy, healthy and thriving, it feels like there is nothing in a person’s way. That’s why when a loved one or family member suffers an illness or injury, it can feel like a person’s world has been turned upside down. A person would do anything to help their loved one in such a situation.

Sadly, sometimes these injuries or illnesses are caused by a medical malpractice related injury. A medical malpractice injury is characterized by negligence on behalf of a medical professional, facility or related third party that causes new or worsened injury or illness. Many people might not even be aware that an injury has occurred, let alone the fact that the injury can be redressed in a medical malpractice suit. Oftentimes, there are multiple defendants named in cases where a person was injured or rendered ill by negligent medical care.

There is more than one way to receive financial reparation after a loved one suffers a medical-related injury or illness. One such way is to receive a favorable verdict in a medical malpractice suit, one in which defendants are ordered to pay damages related to a person’s injury or illness. The details of these suits are dependent upon the details of the specific incident and injury. At Rosen Louik & Perry PC, we take each client’s situation to heart and will do everything in our power to ensure a favorable verdict for the injured and their family.

A favorable verdict could relieve one of the amassed medical bills and other related expenses that have resulted from the negligent medical care. It could also ensure one’s access to future medical care, as so many often need, after a medical malpractice incident. With a person’s quality of life often affected after injury, there can be reparations made for that specific loss as well. In short, a favorable verdict in a medical malpractice suit could be beneficial and life-changing.