Pittsburgh hospital now offering online ratings

Many Pittsburgh residents use the internet to check out restaurants, service providers, motels and other businesses. There are many online services that provide ratings and reviews of these services, which can be valuable for consumers. A Pittsburgh hospital is jumping on the bandwagon by offering online ratings of its doctors. Errors such as a failure to diagnose could be part of the review that patients can leave for their medical provider.

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) will be posting patient satisfaction surveys on its doctors and other medical providers. The reviews will also include a star rating from one to five stars based on patient satisfaction. These ratings are based on over 200,000 reviews of 1,600 providers that have been collected by UPMC. A provider will qualify for a ranking if they have over 30 reviews collected. Providers will include doctors, nurse practitioners, midwives and others.

The UPMC believes the ratings will offer transparency to their patients and help the patient understand health care and be able to evaluate their providers. The ratings will include 6 questions that patients have answered about their provider. The questions range from listening skills to what they thought about their performance as a medical provider.

A medical provider who has negative comments can appeal to a peer board but the UPMC says it will publish most comments that patients provide. Hospital management believes that the comments can help patients by providing information that can help them choose a medical provider. And providers that receive less than stellar reviews will have the opportunity to improve their performance. Patients who suffered a worsened condition because of their medical provider will also be able to provide their feedback and help others.

Source: triblive.com, “Doctors to be given star ratings on UPMC site“, Ben Schmitt, Aug. 3, 2015