Pennsylvania hospital found liable for bedsore injury

When Pittsburgh residents have to spend time in the hospital they assume they will get their injury or illness taken care of and feel better soon. Usually this is the case, but occasionally a patient develops a worsened condition because of negligence. Negligence can occur in many ways, but a recent Pennsylvania court case centered on the failure to diagnose bedsores in a patient.

According to the reports, a woman was admitted to Lankenau Hospital in March of 2011 for various medical reasons. While at the hospital she developed a Stage II bedsore. When she was transferred to a nursing home facility the wound was described as a Stage IV. The woman’s attorneys argued that she was not turned and repositioned as promptly as she should have been. They also allege that the woman did not have her wound assessed and treated. Because of the extensive damage the wound caused, dead tissue had to be removed and an infected coccyx bone had to be removed. The woman also had to receive extensive wound treatment. A jury found the hospital negligent and awarded $650,000 in damages.

When hospital patients do not receive the care they should it can cause additional injuries, along with emotional trauma. A family who believes their loved one has suffered because of negligence on the part of medical staff may want to consider the possibility of a medical malpractice claim. Compensation may be available for medical expense, pain and suffering and other damages.

Hospital patients should not have to worry about additional injuries in the hospital. When negligence occurs these patients have legal rights that they can exercise.

Source:, “Hospital found liable for bedsore injury“, Oct. 6, 2015