Pennsylvania family wins nursing home negligence case

When a family member enters an assisted living facility, we expect that they will be well cared for. After all, assisted living facilities have a responsibility to ensure the health and wellbeing of their residents. Sometimes, however, nursing home employees fail to uphold this responsibility. In these cases, residents often suffer under the improper care offered to them. All too often, the results are fatal.

This was the case for a Pennsylvania man, who died at the age of 80 in an Altoona nursing home. He was a resident of the home for five years before his death, though family members say he was largely self-sufficient for much of that time.

After suffering a leg injury, however, the man required much more care. According to a recent lawsuit, however, the facility failed to provide that care. When the man died, he was found to have suffered from malnutrition, wasting and bedsores.

As a result of the death, Pennsylvania authorities moved to prosecute three employees of the nursing home. The three employees were each charged with neglect of a dependent person. Two were given short prison sentences and third was given probation. Amidst the controversy, the nursing home itself was closed down.

This action, however, did nothing to compensate the victim’s family for the losses they had suffered. They filed a wrongful death action against the nursing home in civil court. The facility’s owners did not contest the lawsuit.

After a short hearing, the judge then awarded the family $55,806, a figure intended to compensate the victim’s relatives for the pain and suffering they had endured, as well as outstanding medical bills related to the victim’s death.


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