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Parents of dead teen file suit against Tesla

The parents of an 18-year-old riding as a passenger in the front seat of a Tesla S have filed suit against the auto manufacturer. The car was driven by another 18 year old who was also killed when the vehicle crashed into a wall of an exit ramp in Tampa Bay, Florida. A third passenger suffered injuries when thrown clear of the car.

Missing speed governor removed by dealer

The crash occurred in May of 2018 when the car was reportedly traveling at an estimated 112 miles per hour when it entered an exit ramp with a 25 mph speed limit. The 2014 model was previously fitted for a speed governor because the driver was ticketed for speeding two months before the crash. Unbeknownst to the parents, the governor was subsequently removed by a Tesla dealership, which led to the crash where the car twice hit a wall when traveling in excess of 80 mph. Tesla subsequently introduced a speed limit mode so owners can limit the car’s speed and acceleration.

Battery proves dangerous as well

Tesla’s batteries have been listed as the cause for damages in a number of cases against the vehicle manufacturer where the equipment caught fire and proved extremely difficult to extinguish. In this case, the battery caught fire as the vehicle was loaded for removal from the scene of the accident. It subsequently reignited at the storage yard.

Parents seek damages

The parents of the passenger are seeking $15,000 in damages from the dealership that removed the governor. There could be additional legal action involving the battery or the car owners as well.

The circumstances of a wrongful death are always tragic, particularly when they involve children. No amount of money can bring loved ones back, but parents often find peace of mind by hiring knowledgeable personal injury attorneys to hold the negligent accountable.