PA girl and parents to receive millions in malpractice settlement

With the birth of a child comes a slew of emotions for any parent including excitement, anticipation and maybe even some anxiety. Regardless of whether a family is expecting a little girl or a little boy, the hope is that they are happy and healthy. One family received some bad news when they were told that their newborn girl had a heart defect. However, the news got worse when their daughter suffered cardiac arrest after an inexperienced Pennsylvania doctor performed a surgical procedure.

Parents of the little girl, now age 12, allege that the surgery was botched and this resulted in their daughter suffering from several instances of cardiac arrest and stroke in the days immediately following the surgery. It turns out that the doctor who came highly recommended by the girl’s original pediatrician was not as experienced as they were led to believe, and that she could have actually been operated on by a more experienced surgeon. She suffered brain damage and heart damage due to the injuries she suffered after the operation.

A trust was set up to ensure that part of the initial $8.3M cash settlement is properly cared for. A portion of the cash settlement, totaling $5.8M, will be granted to the parents of the child. Since future payouts will continue in the years to come to help care for the girl, it is anticipated that total payouts could easily value over $15 million. After the operation that left the then infant suffering from strokes and cardiac arrest, another doctor was able to correct the error made by her original surgeon.

Had the girl’s original physician recommended another facility or surgeon, the girl’s surgical error and resulting injuries could have been avoided. This is a situation of negligence on behalf of several parties that affected the girl for the rest of her life. These are just a few reasons why the medical malpractice suit sought damages for the losses of both the girl and her family. malpractice can happen in a variety of instances and involve multiple defendants. If you or your loved one have been injured due to medical malpractice, you may wish to consult an attorney to discuss the circumstances of your case.

Source:, “Settlement reached in malpractice case that left child with brain, heart damage,” David Singleton, July 27, 2017