New video service may help with patient instructions

For many Pittsburgh residents, health care looks a lot different now than it did for our grandparents. The personal, individualized service that people used to receive has been replaced by medical providers who are stretched to the limit. Many times patients just feel like a number and often wonder if the doctor is doing the right thing.

When doctors interact with their patients they can do so quickly and give out so much information that patients may not remember it all. This is especially true for those who are coming out of a procedure that used anesthesia. Many times doctors give these patients important instructions and much of it is not retained by the patient. For many patients only 10 percent of the information that is given to them is retained.

A neurosurgeon who encountered this problem in his practice has developed a video service that can help a patient retain information. When a patient comes out of surgery and the doctor is giving instructions, discussion is videotaped. With this tape the patient can review it at a later time when they are more awake; their family can review the tape as well.

With this accountability for medical professionals it can result in few medication errors and serious injuries. With doctors knowing that they are being videotaped it can ensure that the information they are giving to patients is accurate. Patients have the peace of mind knowing that all important instructions are available to them at any time and they don’t need to be fully aware right after surgery.

Source:, “Doc develops video service for patient instructions,” Angela Gonzales, Dec. 28, 2014