Michael Jackson’s doctor loses appeal in medication error case

The embattled physician at the heart of the controversy concerning pop star Michael Jackson’s death has lost his latest appeal to have a new trial concerning whether he was negligent in his administration of an anesthetic to help Jackson sleep. Although legal analysts agree that his fate isn’t sealed, his chances of reversing the fate of his role in the pop singer’s medication error death seem unlikely.

Dr. Conrad Murray was the pop singer’s personal physician and in that capacity was responsible for administering a wide array of prescription drugs to the singer, for a variety of reasons. As is well-known by Pennsylvania residents and those around the world, Jackson died nearly five years ago from a lethal dose of a powerful anesthetic delivered by the doctor.

Cases like Mr. Jackson’s, for all the spectacle and attention they receive, highlight an important point concerning any trip to see a doctor or undergo a medical procedure. That is that anyone who administers medication or drugs to you or a loved one is responsible for walking a fine line and striking the right balance in administering those drugs. Clearly Michael Jackson was undergoing some serious issues leading up to the time of his death, but mistakes in administering much less dangerous drugs can result in similar accidents and consequences. 

Most doctors and medical personnel are good people who take their jobs seriously and always provide the best service they can to their patients. With that said however, mistakes in the medical field do occur.

If your doctor makes a mistake administering drugs to you, he or she could be held responsible for the damages you suffer. Before considering any legal action in such a case however, it is advisable to speak with a lawyer who can help you understand your rights.

Source: Eye Witness News, “Doctor in MJ’s death denied latest appeal,” April 23, 2014