Medical malpractice, other charges mount against doctor

He has had his medical license suspended for “endangering and deceiving patients,” according to reports. He has also reportedly failed to have required medical malpractice insurance and has seriously injured patients having abortions performed at his clinics.

He’s been forced to shut clinics in Pennsylvania and Maryland, but still has operations in New Jersey, Florida and Virginia. In fact, our state’s Department of Health closed a clinic tied to him earlier this month.

New Jersey regulators suspended the 57-year-old’s medical license three years ago. During hearings on the matter, he testified that he had purchased medical malpractice insurance.

But prosecutors say that claim was a lie. They say he stopped carrying required malpractice insurance seven years ago. They say that when he produced an insurance policy last month to back his claim, it turned out that the policy was issued by a Bermuda-based company busted for insurance fraud back in 2006.

The company hasn’t issued policies since then.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the current investigation of him in New Jersey reminds people of the investigation of him there back in the 1990s. Today, as then, he’s accused of trying to skirt state regulations. Today, as then, those attempts surfaced when women reported “serious injuries” as a result of having abortions at his clinics.

Back then, he appealed the suspension of his medical license and prevailed. No one knows yet whether he’ll be successful again, but the administrative law judge presiding over the case recently heard the testimony of a New Jersey woman reportedly critically injured in a surgery at his clinic.

Anyone injured by a negligent physician should speak with an experienced medical malpractice attorney to discuss a fight for compensation for medical expenses, lost earnings and other costs incurred.

Source:, “Abortion provider lied about insurance, N.J. prosecutors say, “by Marie McCullough, Dec. 4, 2013