Man’s family sues Pennsylvania hospital over surgical errors

A medical malpractice suit for a surgical error is not as uncommon as many people think. Thousands of surgeries are performed every day in America, and not all of them are successful. Often, the failure is the result of some unforeseeable complication or some well-known risk that the patient accepted and agreed to. Other times, however, surgeries fail due the negligence of the doctor performing the procedure, and the results are often tragic.

Take, for example, a Pennsylvania man who died after suffering serious injuries during a routine biopsy. The man had come to the hospital complaining of poor vision in one eye. An MRI revealed a tumor in the man’s sinuses. The man’s doctor was unsure whether it was malignant or benign, so he ordered a biopsy. Several days later, the surgery was performed.

The surgeon took two samples of the tissue without incident, but upon taking the third the man began to bleed. It was discovered that the man’s internal carotid artery had been cut during the procedure. Doctors tried to save the man, but ultimately failed.

The patient’s family recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the surgeon and the hospital, claiming that the surgeon’s negligence caused the man’s death. The lawsuit states, among other things, that it was irresponsible and unnecessary for the surgeon to take a third biopsy sample when he already had two good specimens.

The surgical error lawsuit will likely take a great deal of time to work through the system; there is no telling when it will be fully resolved. The decedent’s family is seeking compensation for monetary losses related to the man’s death, as well as the pain and suffering he sustained as a result of the failed surgery.

The Pennsylvania Record, “Wrongful death claim filed by estate of man who died from sliced artery during tumor biopsy” Jon Campisi, Oct. 02, 2013