June 10 is National Time Out Day

Despite protocols being in place to prevent surgical errors in medical facilities these errors still occur too often in Pittsburgh and all around the U.S. On June 10 hospitals and surgery centers will mark National Time Out Day to prevent surgical mistakes.

As we discussed in a previous blog article surgical mistakes happen frequently across the U.S. Often times these mistakes are entirely preventable. Surgical errors can include operating on the wrong site of the patient, leaving sponges and towels in the patient, performing the wrong procedure and causing infections. These and other surgical errors can cause serious injury, death and unexpected medical expenses.

On June 10 surgery centers and hospitals will recognize National Time Out Day to prevent surgical mistakes. This day is to remind surgical staff to take a time out before performing a surgical procedure. The time out should include the group communicating about the procedure and going over important information about the patient and surgery so that errors don’t occur.

A surgical error such as a wrong-procedure or a wrong-site surgery are life-changing events. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. However, in order to receive this compensation, victims of medical malpractice need to understand their legal rights.

On June 10 medical facilities across the U.S. will recognize the need to make sure patients are receiving the safest care during surgery. Although surgical errors are rare, they do occur and can affect a family forever. Families in this situation, need to know how to respond to minimize the damage.

Source: Daily Camera, “Lesia Hatlestad: National Time Out Day to prevent surgical mistakes,” Lesia Hatlestad, May 18, 2015