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It’s the season for slip and fall injuries

Slip and fall injuries can happen any time of year. However, walking seems to get more treacherous every winter as fewer people shovel their sidewalks and temperature shifts mean snow melts and then freezes into ice patches. Even handrails can ice over leaving those on foot to struggle with the very real fear that they could break a hip, injure their spin or become concussed if they hit their head when they fall.

Common examples of winter falls

People have a responsibility to be careful when walking, but negligence can lead to injury. Here are common causes of falls here in Western Pennsylvania:

  • The aforementioned failure to clear a sidewalk after snow
  • Wet footwear tracking snow and ice indoors where it causes slick floors
  • Failure to salt or sand walkways
  • Ice buildup due to not maintaining proper drainage
  • Missing, broken or icy handrails
  • Pavement defect covered by snow or standing water
  • The unsafe slope of a walkway

Getting the help needed

Whether these unexpected injuries happen on private property, a business or even a municipal organization, victims are entitled to compensation when they have been severely injured. The fact is that owners or renters are responsible for the upkeep and general safety of a property.

Seeking medical care for the injuries is an important first step to recovery, but it is also often important to consult with a personal injury attorney who handles premises liability and slip and fall cases. Their knowledge and experience can be invaluable for getting the compensation that victims deserve.