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Injuries increase during this time of year

New Years day is a time to think about resolutions. For some this can mean more exercise, but many find themselves thinking about a lawsuit after injury due to careless negligence of others. According to news reports, the holidays and other hard-partying days like the Super Bowl lead to a surge in personal injury lawsuits.

Time off can mean too much time at the bar

It is common knowledge that New Years Eve, Blackout Wednesday (day before Thanksgiving), and weekends leading up to New Years are dangerous nights on the roads because of alcohol-impaired driving. Folks are hitting the holiday parties or catching up with visiting family and friends. Perhaps some are even drowning their sorrows because it is not a happy time of year for them. Whatever the reason, the alcohol-related traffic accidents spike during this time.

Dram shop laws are in effect

Drunk drivers are not the only ones on the hook in alcohol-related accidents. Bars, clubs and restaurants may be liable if they over-serve a customer. Owners strive to educate staff and remind them to be vigilant, but it is hard for staff to keep up when their place of business is overrun by drunken revelers. Those well behaved but their more obnoxious counterparts who get in shouting matches or fight out front on the sidewalk, sometimes injuring innocent bystanders in the process, may overshadow intoxicated customers. Regardless, anyone can cause an injury.

Personal injury attorneys can provide help

No one wants to start the New Year in the hospital, but sometimes that is exactly what happens. Individuals or loved ones injured due to the negligence of individuals or business are well served by consulting with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. Holidays bills add up, so do not let the time away from work, medical expenses and property damage make matters worse.