Injured Allegheny County residents have the right to seek damages

Even a routine visit to the hospital for yourself or a loved one can turn into an unexpected situation. It may go smoothly on most visits, but it’s that one time that can cause unnecessary injury to you or a loved one. The potential for injury at a medical facility isn’t even on most peoples’ radar. However, the reality is that a person can be unnecessarily injured due to a negligent decision on behalf of a medical professional, a medical facility or a related third-party.

In a person’s annual physical, for example, a misstep can be made in diagnosing warning signs of an illness. If a person is diagnosed later, rather than sooner, it could cause further injury and a prolonged recovery, and could cost a family more suffering and money than it should have. Doctors are people too, and they can overlook something or make a mistake that other similar industry professionals would have made. This is a perfect example of a situation in which a failure to diagnose caused further patient injury.

Although it’s a silver lining, those unnecessarily injured by medical professionals may have the right to seek damages. This would most likely be under a negligence claim in which medical malpractice would be alleged. The specifics or each person’s injury and impending lawsuit can be tailored to their unfortunate situation and what the family has suffered or needs due to the injury. There can be ripple effects beyond that of the injury itself that can last longer than one may anticipate.

This is exactly why injured Allegheny County residents have the right to sue. It’s because accidents, like misdiagnosis, surgical accidents and failure to diagnose, happen to otherwise unsuspecting patients. Sometimes there isn’t a reason why. However, it’s good to establish that it did happen so that one can help to offset the impact it has on the injured person and their family.