Improperly managed pregnancy puts mom, baby at risk of injury

When you are expecting a little one, it changes everything. Whether this is your first child, or your second or third, each pregnancy is different and will require different things and will also present different challenges. Many parents will tell you that their first child’s pregnancy was infinitely different from their second child’s pregnancy, and so on. This is why it is important for parents to be aware of the necessary care when expecting a child.

Not all medical or health issues associated with a pregnancy and the birth of a child are predictable or easily managed. However, negligent care on behalf of a medical provider or doctor is not a welcomed event in the birth of a child. Medical providers, doctors and even related third-party medical providers are expected to uphold a standard of care for each and every patient – including mom and baby. Miscues on behalf of these people could indicate a situation where unnecessary injury was sustained to mom and/or baby.

At Rosen Louik & Perry we take the level of prenatal care and newborn care with highest importance. There are few things as devastating as hearing of unnecessary injury to mom and/or a new child. Both injuries can be so hard on a family, whether the unforeseen baby’s health issue or an injury the mother sustains during pregnancy or birth sets the family back. Hopefully an injury suffered to mom or the new baby can be rectified, but it will come at a cost to the family, no doubt.

Offset the costs of being unjustly injured by seeking a birth injury medical malpractice suit. The result of these suits can be seeking and receiving damages that can cover medical costs, lost wages and loss of quality of life, for starters. Ideally, no Allegheny county family will ever have to suffer, or know that kind of injury or loss. For those that do, legal recourse is an option.