How common are alcohol related accidents in Pennsylvania?

A drunk driver could take a lot from an individual and an entire family. A victim of a drunk driving accident in Pennsylvania could suffer traumatic injuries, making it difficult to return to their normal life. In some cases, victims do not survive the collision, leaving their family members to not only suffer the loss of a loved one but also the damages and expenses related to the incident. Whether it results in serious injuries, severe damages or fatalities, a drunk driver could generate serious damage in a collision in Pennsylvania.

How common are alcohol-related car accidents in Pennsylvania? According to the 2014 crash facts, alcohol related crashes have decreased since 2013. In 2013, there were a reported 11,041 drunk driving accidents, while 10,550 drunk driving collisions were reported in 2014. With regards to fatal drunk driving accidents, these also decreased in this time frame. There were 363 fatal DUI accidents reported in 2013, while there were only 311 fatal DUI accidents happened in 2014.

When considering the victims of fatal drunk driving crashes in 2014, roughly 13 percent were non-drinking drivers, 12 percent were passengers in the vehicle of the non-drinking driver and 26 percent were non-drinking pedestrians. The remaining percent includes fatalities involving the drunk driver, passengers of the drunk driver and drunk pedestrians.

Based on the 2014 statistics, alcohol related deaths amounted to 28 percent of the total traffic deaths occurring in Pennsylvania. This number is less than the reported rate in 2012, 2011 and 2010. While the rate of fatal drunk driving crashes has been going down, law enforcement in Pennsylvania take an aggressive approach to prevent, deter and reduce drunk driving in the state. Despite these efforts, alcohol related crashes unfortunately still occur.

Whether you were harmed in a drunk driving crash or lost a loved one in an alcohol related crash, there may be recourses available to you. A personal injury claim or a wrongful death suit could help those impacted by a drunk driving crash pursue compensation, helping them offset the damages incurred by the incident.

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