Despite the stress, time pressures and hustle, the holiday season remains my most favorite time of the year. There truly is a magic to the season as the best in people makes an annual appearance. For me, the holidays are so special because I receive stacks of cards from former clients updating me on the events of the year and thanking me for the difference we made in their lives.

Ironically, some of the cards I receive are from folks that we were not able to help at all. From people whom I had to explain why the tragedy that befell them was not actionable in a court of law. From wonderful families whom I had to regrettably inform that they would have to find a way to deal with their problems with no assistance from anyone. Over time I have learned that the answers and explanations I provided these families were valuable possessions in the struggle to move forward. Piece of mind is, to these people, priceless.

I also treasure the updates from the individuals that I have been able to help. As I tell my clients, all the civil justice system can give you is money and money does not restore anything and money doesn’t make problems go away. Money does, however, make future problems easier to deal with and every year I see these statements turned into reality by those I have been fortunate to represent.

These cards restore the magic of my profession and provide the strength and character needed to face another year of battles. I save every card and go to my secret box to read those cards when the grindstone of the profession has me worn down. On days when I feel like giving up, these cards remind me of the reason I do what I do. These cards and the wonderful folks who send them are my incentive to continue to help as many people as possible.

All of us at Rosen Louik & Perry hope you experience magic this holiday season.