Holding drunk drivers in Pennsylvania accountable

Pennsylvania may have strict laws against drunk driving, but unfortunately there are always those who will disregard not only the law, but the safety of others, and drive drunk. This also means that no matter how safe you drive, you could still be involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver. The aftermath of such accidents can be devastating.

People in Pennsylvania injured in drunk driving accidents can suffer catastrophic injuries. These injuries can be difficult to recover from, both physically and mentally. Moreover, even though at a time like this a person ought to be able to simply focus on regaining their health, a drunk driving accident can also spell financial catastrophe. From medical expenses, Rehabilitation costs, lost wages and pain and suffering, many drunk driving accident victims find that the accident has not only cost them their health but also their financial security.

For these reasons, drunk driving accident victims may wish to pursue compensation against the drunk driver through a personal injury lawsuit. However, most people do not have the requisite knowledge of the law and court system to be successful in such an endeavor alone. They need the assistance of an attorney, such as those at Rosen, Louik & Perry These professionals have helped many Pennsylvanians hold drunk drivers accountable, whether this means settling their claim or taking it all the way through the trial process. They understand that sometimes in addition to suing the drunk driver, it may be possible to also pursue compensation from the third party who served the driver alcohol.

Drunk driving is a serious problem in Pennsylvania and nationwide. It is important that drunk drivers are held accountable when their negligence causes a car accident that injures or kills another person. The following drunk driving webpage may help drunk driving accident victims who wish to pursue compensation.