Helping you take action after a pregnancy-related injury

Sharing the news that you are pregnant is a rather exciting experience for most women in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. In fact, the entire pregnancy process can be very joyous. Whether a pregnancy is planned or not, or if it is a woman’s first pregnancy or not, there can be a lot of unknowns throughout the pregnancy. Therefore, many women rely on the expertise of medical professionals to monitor them up until labor and delivery. While this can help detect any issues or complications, negligent monitoring could result in serious and even life-threatening issues for both the mother and baby.

At Rosen Louik& Perry, our experienced legal team understands that mothers-to-be seek to act in the best interest of their baby. However, these wishes can be strained when medical professionals fail to uphold their duties. Thus, we are dedicated to assisting mothers and families in Allegheny County who have been harmed by malpractice and the mismanagement of pregnancy, labor, delivery, post-delivery care or neonatal care.

Pregnancy-related injuries can often be serious and complex, which can make them difficult to fully understand and prove. Nonetheless, our experienced attorneys have the skills and resources to uncover the necessary evidence to prove cause, fault and liability. With the help of medical records and expert witnesses, our law firm has helped past clients hold negligent obstetricians and other medial professionals liable for the injuries caused to pregnant mothers and newborns.

To learn more, check out our pregnancy-related injuries website. No one expects complications or negligence to bring them harm after receiving the news that they will soon be parents, but the unfortunate reality is that not even a pregnant woman is safe from medical harm and negligence.