Helping you hold a drunk driver liable after an accident

Despite the statewide drunk driving campaigns in Pennsylvania as well as drunk driving laws, this does not prevent the occurrence of drunk driving in the state. And while much effort has been put forth to increase safety on the roadways and reduce negligent and reckless driving, drivers unfortunately still get behind the wheel of vehicles after they have had too much to drink. Such a situation not only puts the driver’s life in danger, but it also endangers the lives of other traveling on the road. When a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian is struck and injured by a drunk driver, this could tremendously impact the life of a victim.

At Rosen Louik & Perry, our experienced legal team understands the devastating aftermath accident victims deal with following the carelessness of a drunk driver. Such a collision happens suddenly, and it unexpectedly changes the lives of those harmed by the negligent driver.

Following a drunk driving accident, authorities are likely to conduct investigation to determine the exact cause of the accident. If a driver is charged with a DUI, he or she could face serious criminal penalties for the DUI accident. However, a drunk driver could also face civil penalties as well. A civil action, such as a personal injury claim, could help an injured victim recover compensation for the losses and damages suffered in a drunk driving accident.

Our knowledgeable attorneys have the skills and resources required to uncover the necessary evidence, information and reports to hold a drunk driver liable. In addition, our experienced attorneys have helped past client pursue settlements against third parties for serving alcohol to the drunk driver. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, we work with our clients to determine their needs and goals in the matter.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s drunk driving accident website. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, it is important to understand that you have recourses. Victims should take steps to become informed and have their questions answered.