Helping patients suffering from pregnancy-related injuries

Planning and preparing for a new bundle of joy is an exciting time for Pennsylvania parents. While some pregnancies are not easy, the nine months leading up to a newborn infant is still an exciting time. Unfortunately, no matter whether a mother gives birth prematurely, on her due date or is past due, complications could unfortunately arise. This generates many concerns for the parents, but the main focus remains on the mother getting through a safe labor and delivery process so a healthy newborn can be placed in their arms. However, in order to promote a healthy delivery, doctors may need to use certain techniques. If these techniques are improperly performed, it could result in serious birth injuries.

The discussion of birth injuries might be a delicate topic. However, at Rosen Louik & Perry P.C., our legal team understands the importance of fighting for families harmed by negligent doctors that cause pregnancy-related injuries. We understand that these are preventable harms suffered by mother, and we work hard to hold negligent parties liable for the harms they have caused.

OB/GYN negligence, delivery room negligence or other types of negligence could lead to long-term consequences. Our attorneys are skilled at recovering the necessary information and evidence to uncover the relevant medical documents, witness accounts and medical experts that could determine whether these pregnancy-related injuries were caused by the negligence of a medical professional.

To learn more, check out our pregnancy-related injuries website. When a mother has suffered injuries during the delivery process, it is essential to determine the cause of her injuries. If a medical professional was negligent and was the cause of harm, he or she could be held liable through a medical malpractice claim. This could help the harmed party pursue compensation for injuries and damages related to the incident.