Have you been the victim of a surgical error?

Many Pittsburgh residents will undergo surgery this year. Last week we discussed a recent news article highlighting a woman who received a large settlement following a surgical error. These errors occur hundreds of thousands of times each year and according to a recent Consumer Reports article, 10 times more people die from medical errors each year than from car crashes.

Have you been the victim of a surgical error like many others this year? Surgical errors often cause a worsened condition and unexpected and painful side effects. Surgical errors can come from a surgeon mistake, operating room staff or anesthesiologist. Common surgical errors include surgery on the wrong part of the body, surgical equipment left inside a person, poor surgical technique and failure to monitor the patient’s oxygen rate, breathing and heart rate. These errors can be catastrophic for patients.

Our firm has been helping the victims of surgical errors in Pittsburgh for many years. We have recovered record-setting settlements for our clients to help them rebuild their lives. We can help victims discover what happened to cause the surgical mistake. With our on-staff doctors, we investigate medical records, x-rays and photographs taken during surgery. We also review operative reports to determine if a surgical error has occurred. We will find the answers you are looking for and help you find peace of mind.

Surgical errors are often times preventable. We can help hold negligent medical providers responsible for their actions. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, future medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.